Animals occupy a strange dichotomy in modern society in that they are both visible and invisible. In city life, wild animals have often become such an afterthought that the rare sighting of a wild animal - a deer or a fox can be both a remarkable and a humbling experience. At the same time, domesticated animals - dogs and cats have taken on a central role in many people's lives, that they often become trusted companions and quasi-family members. Yet, our relationship with animals often changes if one lives in rural areas, explores remote areas, or even visits the zoo.

This call for animal stories looks to put together a collection of amazing short stories about people's interactions with wild or domesticated animals. Stories can reflect upon an experience visiting a zoo or a story about a family pet. Stories could detail a job-relating experience working with animals. They can detail an experience in nature where you encountered a wild animal or could detail the experience of simply watching animals on television or the movies. For instance, wasn't the first experience of watching "Jaws" or "Bambi" one that greatly impacted your viewpoint? Any rate, stories can go in any direction.

So here's what we are looking for:

Deadline: To be considered for the book, please email a story by March 31, 2007 to:

Nicolas Lampert:
Max Estes:
(please include the words "animal story" in your email subject title)

If your story is selected, we will contact you to work on final edits. Please forward this call to friends far and wide! Thanks!

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